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Versa Lifts bring real benefits to machine moving

Versa-Lift trucks are a crucial asset in the machinery moving and installation market and have been designed and manufactured especially for safely moving heavy equipment and machinery. They operate on a moving counterweight principle allowing the truck to be up to 50% smaller than trucks using conventional static counterweight technology.

What benefits do Versa Lifts give you?

These machine movers are ideal for:

  • Moving machinery in tight spaces

  • Heavy lifting duties – such as moving shipping containers

  • Moving small machines

  • As heavy-duty forklifts

  • Come with Forklift Boom attachments – for full lifts at height

  • Have a Direct lift mast – which allows lifting without chains

  • Removeable counterweights – to spread the lifting weight and to prevent tipping

  • Extendable frame – to increase lifting capacity

  • Have a 2-power transmission – to give the power needed to lift heavy equipment

  • Are only 1.8 metres wide

Our Versa lifts

We operate 3 main types of Versa Lifts that we use on machinery relocations:

Versa Lift 25/35

is a 16-ton lift, usually used for lifting small CNC machines and is ideal for when space is at a premium. This lifting machine is ideal for lifting loads in tight quarters, and our 25/35 Model can handle loads of 24,000 pounds with the base retracted – or up to 34,500 pounds with the base extended. As a result, this machine is ideal for getting into congested areas that other machines can’t reach.

Versa Lift 40/60

is a 30-tonne lift, which is used for example for the removal of large presses, picking up loaded shipping containers, lying presses over, and large CNC machines. As a result, this machinery can lift 40,000 pounds with the base retracted – or up to 60,000 pounds with the base extended. Built with maneuverability, power, and ease of use in mind, the 40/60 is our heavy-duty forklift.

Versa Lift 60/80

is a 44-tonne lift, 25.2 tonnes capacity at 900mm load centre with a 3,050mm wheelbase. The frame extends 1,220mm to increase capacity to 35.9 tonnes.

As a result, this machinery can lift 60,000 pounds with the base retracted – or up to 80,000 pounds with the base extended. Built with maneuverability, power, and ease of use in mind, the 60/80 is our heavy-duty forklift.

Our staff are fully qualified to operate this moving equipment.

Equipment that is friendly to the environment

Both variations are powered by LPG gas, making them both environmentally friendly (meaning standard exhaust gases aren’t used in confined environments such as food and Pharma environments, needing to stay clean and sterile).

Types of equipment we have moved with our Versa Lifts

We’ve moved a multitude of machines and heavy equipment. A small sample of those are:

  • CNC

  • Power Press

  • Forging Press

  • Anvils

  • Horizontal borers

  • Vertical borers

  • Overhead cranes

  • Rolling mills

  • Slitting mills

  • Pyramid Rolls

Do you require a company to help you move your machinery?

If you require a company who understand all of the above and more, to help you move your machines. Why not get in touch to discuss your requirements? We are here to help.

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